Free Flow Iodized Salt

Free flow Refined Iodized Salt is enriched with Iodine to keep your family in good health, energetic and prevent Iodine Deficiency. We have a very good supply of Free flow refined Iodized Salt produced by blending refined salt with iodine at sophisticated refinery. The entire process of refining and packing is automated and therefore untouched by human hands. It passes a series of stringent quality tests which ensuring purity and the best quality that is our goal.

Our Salt processing refinery is hygienically maintained and commissioned with ultra-modern advanced technology machines. Our Refined Free flow food grade salt satisfies the requirements of FSSAI standard and produced as per GMP guidelines. Iodine is added at the right proportion which helps in the mental development of children. Refined Freeflow salt is available in Half kg and 1 kg and also in bags.

Advantages :

Free Flow Iodised Salt is an essential part of our diet that provides several health benefits. Our range of Refined Free Flow Iodised Salt is of high quality and can be availed at reasonable prices.

  1. 100% Iodine mixing.
  2. Healthy & Hygenic.
  3. No Moisture.
  4. Fully Automatic Machine Packaging
  5. Perfect Packaging - No Weight Loss, No Damage in Packaging.
Health Benefits:
  1. High purity
  2. Excellent nutritional value
  • purity
  • Safe for Health
  • Rich in minerals
  • Clients Satisfaction